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I personally identify with Holly’s expression here
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I personally identify with Holly’s expression here

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im getting a little tired of how much this fandom trashes the ALDC. yeah they arent the best studio out there and yes abby is a psycho manic bitch but the studio overall is really not that bad. It is actually very above average… people only ever compare it to the other famous studios which are obviously better

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Maddie is so grown up and sophisticated.. She needs to stopppp :’(
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Maddie is so grown up and sophisticated.. She needs to stopppp :’(

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Abby’s Studio Rescue - Laugh Out Loud (Kendall Vertes, Maddie Ziegler, and Nia Frazier)


First confession! Send yours in
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First confession! Send yours in

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I haven’t forgotten you

5 months later. Some of us still remember.

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Protesters from across St Louis turned up and turned out for the first St Louis County Council Meeting since Mike Brown’s Death. (Part IV)

And now for the side show… the STL County Council/police fail at being empathetic, and tone deaf white people are tone deaf (and white). #staywoke #farfromover

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  1. Ching Shih was a prominent pirate in middle Qing China, who terrorized the China Sea in the early 19th century. She commanded over 300 junks manned by 20,000 to 40,000 pirates[2] another estimate has Cheng’s fleet at 1800 and crew at about 80,000[3][4]— men, women, and even children. She challenged the empires of the time, such as the British, Portuguese and the Qing dynasty. Undefeated, she would become one of China and Asia’s strongest pirates, and one of world history’s most powerful pirates. She was also one of the few pirate captains to retire from piracy.
  2. Nancy Wake (one of the few white women on this list; of course you put her name on the graphic…)
  3. Lyudmila Pavlichenko
  4. Rukhsana Kausar
  5. The Gulabi gang (gulabi is Hindi for “pink”) was founded by Sampat Pal Devi, a mother of five and former government health worker (as well as a former child bride), as a response to widespread domestic abuse and other violence against women.[3]Gulabis visit abusive husbands and threaten to beat them with laathis (sticks) unless they stop abusing their wives. Al Jazeera reports there are 400,000 members across Northern India.
  6. Neejra Bhanot was just 22 when terrorists from the Abu Nidal Organization hijacked Pan Am Flight 73, where she was the senior flight purser. After 17 hours (and yes, hiding American passports to protect those passengers), when the hijackers opened fire and set off explosives, Bhanot opened the emergency door and helped a number of passengers escape. She could have been the first to jump out when she opened the door but she decided not and was shot while shielding three children from a hail of bullets. Bhanot was recognized internationally as “the heroine of the hijack” and is the youngest recipient of the Ashok Chakra Award, India’s most prestigious gallantry award for bravery during peace time.
  7. Zainab Bibi, 42, allegedly told authorities she killed her husband Ahmad Abbas because he tried to sexually assault her 17-year-old daughter from another marriage.
  8. In September 2006, Susan Kuhnhausen found an intruder in her southeast Portland, OR home. “I saw a man step out of the shadows and he began to hit me in the head and the face with a hammer,” said Kuhnhausen. “I got the hammer and started hitting him with the hammer several times. My father, the carpenter, always taught me a hammer could be used for self defense — the claw end would work the best,” said Kuhnhausen. Kuhnhausen’s husband, Michael, had hired Ed Haffey to kill his wife.
  9. Seriously, fuck this one. The photo is of Parinya Chareonphol or Nong Thoom who is a kathoey, which many Thai believe to be a third gender (as opposed to the Western idea of ‘transgender’.) After a short time as a Buddhist monk, she took up Muy Thai kickboxing to support her parents and make enough money to pay for her sex-reassignment surgery, and basically kicked ass at it for several years. She was not “constantly made fun of before fights;” the Muy Thai community embraced her and her presence greatly revitalized both media and public interest in the sport, as shown by increased ticket sales and stadium revenue. The movie Beautiful Boxer was made about her, and she has recently acted in Mercury Man as well as continuing to kickbox. So yeah, fuck this one hard.
  10. Juliane Diller née Koepcke was the only survivor of the LANSA Flight 508 crash in 1971. Despite sustaining a broken collar bone, a deep gash to her right arm, a concussion and an eye injury in the fall, she was able to trek through the dense Amazon jungle for 10 days, until she was rescued by local lumbermen, who subsequently took her by canoe back to civilization. It was later discovered that as many as 14 other passengers also survived the initial fall from the disintegrated plane but were unable to seek help and died while awaiting rescue.

Seriously, guys, this took me like 20 minutes using Google and Wikipedia. These women are real people with real names and real stories. Please don’t reduce them to a picture (most of which came from Wikipedia in the first place oh my god i know you were there) and an “uplifting” story.

Look at these kickass women, and remember their names!!

They are so damn raw

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"It was amazing… I never thought this video would be this big".

That’s “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler telling Maria and Lisa about the whirlwind way she landed the part in Sia’s music video for “Chandelier”. Maddie is also the star of Lifetime’s series “Dance Moms” and dropped a shocking bombshell on viewers about Miss Abby!

"She can be very nice off camera especially…she’s definitely tough in and out of rehearsal but she does care for us and she wants the best for us."

Maddie credits the show for getting the attention of Sia.

"Actually she was a fan of our show and she tweeted me and told me that she wanted me to be in her music video…everyone thought that it was either like an audition or she was looking for a girl but she just like direct messaged me on Twitter so it was crazy…we contacted her, we got a hold of her and two weeks later we flew to L.A.".

The 11 year old also talked about how “A” list stars approached her for pictures at the MTV Video Music Awards and how surprised she was that stars loved the video. Chaos also breaks out at the end of the interview after one of the ladies goes temporarily blind…and another mistakes Channing Tatum for Vanilla Ice.

"Dance Moms" airs Tuesdays at 9 on Lifetime.

Fun facts about Maddie Ziegler (Source: Wikipedia)

Maddie is an American child dancer, actress, and model. She is best known for appearing on the Lifetime reality television series Dance Moms.

Ziegler began dancing at the age of 2. She currently attends the Abby Lee Dance Company. In 2011, she was a contestant on the CBS dance competition show Live to Dance, but the show was cancelled before her episode aired. Later that year, Ziegler’s mother earned a role on Lifetime’s Dance Moms, a program that documents the day-to-day lives of the young dancers on the Abby Lee Dance Company Elite Competition Team. On the program, Ziegler appears alongside her mother and sister, Mackenzie, who also dances. In 2013, Ziegler made an appearance on the sister program, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

In 2012, Ziegler played the character of Young Deb on the Lifetime series Drop Dead Diva.

Ziegler has appeared in numerous music videos for artists including Alexx Calise, Sia, and Todrick Hall. Sia’s Chandelier, which Ziegler stars in, received nominations at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards for ‘Video of the Year’ and ‘Best Choreography’, winning the award for ‘Best Choreography’.

Ziegler has modeled for various fashion lines such as Glitzy Girl and Purple Pixies. She was the “coverstar” of the summer 2014 issue of Kode Magazine.

On August 14, 2014, Ziegler, along with some of her Dance Moms co-stars, performed in Todrick Hall’s nationwide tour, Twerk Du Soleil.

‘Dance Moms’ airs Tuesdays at 9:00pm on Lifetime.

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Classic Chloe
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Classic Chloe

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This is so funny…why can’t they show more moments like this…I mean yeah they made fun of someone not there and that’s wrong but oh goodness when the girls are there it is so funny :)

lol ohmygsh chloe though